Nothern Michigan University, Psychological Science

Cory Toegel, Ph.D, BCBA-D Forrest Toegel, Ph.D., BCBA-D

The Toegel Laboratory conducts research and mentors students in Psychology and Behavior Analysis at Northern Michigan University. Our goal is to contribute to the science of behavior that is used to improve lives and make lasting behavior change. Our research focuses on understanding basic and complex behavioral processes, evaluating and refining laboratory models, and evaluating clinical applications of behavioral principles. We aim to produce published research and provide high-quality research training in Psychology and Behavior Analysis.

The research interests of the Toegel Laboratory include (but are not limited to):

  • Failures in Self-Control and Impulsive Behavior; Choice

  • Drug Addiction/Abuse and Behavioral Relapse

  • Disruptions in Operant Behavior; Incentive Shifts

  • Refining Experimental Research Methods and Technology

  • Behavioral Pharmacology

  • Aversive Control

  • Challenging Behavior Interventions and Autism/Developmental Disabilities

  • Caregiver and Therapist Training Methods

  • Computer-based Training

  • Community Health Initiatives to Promote Employment and Reduce Poverty

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